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Erik Rogneby

Systems Architect

With over ten years experience in web applications and telecommunications I offer unique insights into mobile converged technologies. I am excited about the future of cloud computing, semantic web, and social media. I seek a position where my breadth of technical knowledge can assist in making strategic business decisions and help bring disruptive solutions to market.

Work Experience

2010-Present AT&T Redmond, WA
Lead Architect - Social Networking Gateway
Lead Technical Architect & Product Realization Engineer for AT&T's social networking gateway enabler. Responsible for the platform road map, technical requirements, system architecture, vendor selection, and contract negotiation. Additionally the point person for onboarding multiple simultaneous AT&T projects to the platform and incorporating their requirements in road map deliverables. I established new business relationships with multiple social networks on behalf of AT&T.
Technologies used:IMS, RCS, Semantic Web, F5 LTM, Tomcat, Apache, Java, ReSTful APIs, OAuth 2.0, MMS, SMS, GPRS, Jira.
2009 City Fruit Seattle, WA
Technical Advisor (pro bono)
Implemented a tree mapping tool for a Seattle based non-profit (www.cityfruit.org) using an iterative development process. I also built an interface for use by a prototype Android mapping application. This was an award winning Capstone project for a University of Washington Information School masters candidate and has been covered in the local media.
Technologies used: Google App Engine cloud services, javascript, Python, Google Maps API.

2006-2010 T-Mobile Bellevue, WA
Senior Systems Engineer - Social Network Applications
Lead Engineer on the system design and architecture of myFaves. Responsible for the technical requirements, system architecture, vendor selection, and delivery of highly scalable geo-redundant solutions. These projects required designing from the overall system architecture down to the protocol level. In this role I was actively engaged with a wide enterprise audience, including but not limited to: senior leadership, Engineering, Operations, IT, Marketing, Product Development, Business Development, vendors, manufacturers, and Care Support organizations.
Technologies used: IMS, XDMS, Presence, Semantic Web, Oracle 10g with RAC & Dataguard, PL/SQL, F5 LTM & 3DNS, Tomcat, Apache, Web 2.0, ReSTful APIs, SMS, MMS, GPRS, Solaris.
2003-2006 T-Mobile Bellevue, WA
Analyst III
Technical lead on the application support team responsible for provisioning subscribers on the network. Configured Amdocs Switch Control product to integrate with proprietary APIs from Comverse, Nortel, Ericcson and other tier 1 vendors. Nominated multiple times for company wide Peak Achievement Award.
Technologies used: Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, Amdocs Ensemble, Perl, C, korn shell scripting, SqlPlus, HP-UX.
2001-2003 Berkleemusic.com Boston, MA
Contract Developer
Database backed web applications completed and worked on: Content management, e-commerce, fulfillment integration, Intranet/ticket tracker, forums, customer service issue tracker, email integration.
Technologies used: TCL, AOLServer, Postgresql, SQL, PgSQL, Linux, Qmail, Perl, OpenACS, JavaScript, HTML, XML, Emacs, CVS.
2002 Greenmediatoolshed.org Seattle, WA
Contract Developer
Development tasks: Site testing, bug fixing, small feature implementation
Technologies used: TCL, AOLServer, Postgresql, SQL, PgSQL, Linux, OpenACS, HTML, Emacs, CVS, Extreme Programming methodology.
2000-2001 Public Interactive Boston, MA
Web Software Developer
Tasks: Intranet creation, content management tools, platform migration
Technologies used: TCL, Perl, AOLServer, Apache, ModPerl, MySql, Postgresql, SQL, PgSQL, Linux, Solaris, Qmail, OpenACS, HTML, Emacs, CVS.
2000 Beaumonde Brookline, MA
Senior Web Developer
Tasks: System administration, database administration, project design, development of a photo heavy content management system for the modeling and talent industry
Technologies used: TCL, ASP, AOLServer, IIS, Oracle, SQLServer, PL/SQL, PL/TCL, HTML, Emacs, CVS.
1999-2000 Civilution LLC Seattle, WA
Tasks: System administration, content metadata management, skinable content, email integration, site testing, bug fixing, database administration, general development
Technologies used: TCL, AOLServer, Postgresql, Oracle, SQL, PgSQL, PL/SQL, Linux, Qmail, Perl, OpenACS, JavaScript, HTML, Emacs, CVS, Photoshop.
1999 Talkspot Bellevue, WA
Broadcast live talk radio on the web.
1998-1999 Real Networks Seattle, WA
Producer and Project Manager
Tasks: management of product beta test. Weekly audio content production for Rollingstone Radio, recording and production of any internal content such as quarterly earning reports.
Technologies used: Visual Test, Python, Sound Forge, Acid Pro, RealProducer.
1996-1999 Laundry Room Studios Seattle, WA
Tasks: Mixing, Analog editing, Multi-track, and 2 track recording of various national and local artists.
Technologies used: MCI 24 bus console, 24 track recorder, 8 track recorder, various other recording equipment.

Additional skills

Agile development management, Scrum, Ruby, Rails, AJAX, javascript frameworks (jquery, yui, prototype), NoSQL datastores, AWS EC2, AWS S3, Heroku, Git, ESB based architectures.


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